About Banner Consulting

Banner Consulting & Coaching International is a management consulting firm focusing on business strategy and human capital development founded in 1999 by Dr. Steven Barnett (click on name for more information).

We focus on helping our clients improve performance by aligning their management, culture, and people to support a clear, focused business strategy. To deal with the importance of international business in today's world, such as in the borderless realm of e-commerce, we help our clients ensure their success in worldwide markets. The broad global experience of our principal and associates enables us to bring professionals with a wide range of deep experience and training to engagements throughout the world.

What we are not is a firm that comes to a client, analyzes its operations, and leaves a strategy outline or report for the firm to implement on its own. While developing a strategy in today's world is not easy, almost any strategy is easy to imitate, and it is almost impossible to keep from signaling a new strategy to the marketplace. So developing a good strategy is not enough; the ultimate success of a strategy depends on how well it is implemented. Banner Consulting & Coaching International works with our clients to put in place processes, procedures, communications, functional elements, and management practices that will help the firm be successful in implementing its strategy.

In short:

  • We help firms develop a business strategy that will effectively respond to their markets, customer needs, core competencies, and competition.
  • We help align a firm's management and employees with its business strategy so that everyone in the firm understands what they need to do to make the business successful.  We help create competitive advantage through the people in the organization.
  • We assist firms in creating a business culture that will support their specific business strategy. This does not mean just putting a "values statement" plaque in the reception area, but identifying and instilling specific behaviors throughout the firm that will enable each employee to help the firm reach its goals.
  • We help break down common barriers to successful strategy implementation, such as poor performance measures, employee apathy and outdated decision-making processes.
  • We enable firms in their internationalization efforts by helping adapt strategy, communications, culture, and management practices to work across borders; across different time zones, differing practices, and different national cultures and languages.