Consulting Services:

Employee Enablement

Changing an organization requires adapting a number of functional areas to the firm's new goals and objectives. Sometimes changes are required at the organization level, and other times at the level of the individual. Banner Consulting & Coaching International brings together teams of experienced professionals who can coordinate and fill these needs to support a firm’s overall change to being more successful.

Some of the areas in which we are able to assist are:

ORGANIZATION DESIGN develops a structure for the organization, including units, jobs, interdependencies, and decision making processes, that will support the firm's strategy.

"We are structured to get done what needs to be done."

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT aligns management's values and behaviors with the strategy and vision through assessment, training, and ongoing feedback.

"Leaders walk the talk"

COMMUNICATION AND EDUCATION provides the knowledge and skills to help employees change their behaviors to match the firm's vision and strategy.

"We provide communication and education to enable our employees to develop the knowledge and skills to live our vision"

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT aligns Human Capital processes-recruiting, training, measuring, and rewarding - to support the new vision, culture, and required actions.

"We recruit, train, evaluate, and promote employees to live our vision."

MEASUREMENT tools such as focus groups, surveys, and other feedback mechanisms monitor changes in performance and key stake-holder perceptions of change over time.

"We keep a continual check on whether we are staying true to our vision and strategy."