Executive, Team and
Business Coaching

At Banner Consulting & Coaching International our internationally certified coaches specialize in helping people develop their abilities to improve performance and maximize potential.   We work with individuals from all levels of an organization, helping them transform from employee to leader; from mentee to mentor, and from ordinary to extraordinary.

Our coaching methods offer a structured, customized development process that can be either on an individual or group (team) basis.   As many companies have found, under the right circumstances one-on-one or team interaction with an objective third party can provide a focus that other forms of organizational support simply cannot provide.

Executive Coaching

In many cases executive coaching can be viewed as a bonus and a sign of significant recognition. In other cases it can be remedial. It primarily focuses on enhancing performance and developing leadership, management, or team-building skills. The coach generally works in conjunction with the Human Resources Department or other senior executives to assure that the coaching process meets the objectives of the organization. Meetings can be held in person or by telephone.

Potential coaching candidates include:

  • Managers who want to learn and develop their skills to become great leaders.
  • Talented management who are candidates in succession planning but deficient in their leadership and communication skills.
  • Technically proficient individuals who lack the political will or know-how to promote and gain acceptance for their ideas.
  • Inexperienced managers whose development is important to organizational success.
  • Established leaders who are approaching burnout and need assistance in balancing work/life or handling aged-related personal crisis.
  • Long-term employees who resist, or who have not kept up with, organizational change.
  • Strategic thinkers who want to plot new initiatives for their department or organization.

Group / Team Coaching

Many organizations face a situation where an entire group of individuals are in need of coaching. This might be a new team in need of direction and help in achieving maximum productivity in as short a time as possible, or an existing team that needs to re-establish its purpose and the way the members work together. Whatever the reason, a performance gap is recognized which demands a management response.

Team coaching helps establish and then build a collection of individuals into a fully functioning business unit. The resulting team can unite people across functions and divisions to maximize performance of all the individuals involved.

Business Coaching

Every business owner encounters problems from time to time… even the most successful.  Sometimes the problems are personal, sometimes “strictly business”, but often they involve some combination of both.  It may be that you are working too many hours, or that you spend too much time “putting out fires” instead of growing your business. Perhaps you find that the motivation that you had when the business was new just isn’t the same any more. Maybe you would like to see a major change in the business, but just don’t know how to go about it.

One of the biggest problems that many business owners find is that they just don’t have anyone to use as a sounding board who is objective, has great business experience, and understands methods and processes for working out these types of issues. That is the role of a business coach.

As business coaches, we serve as independent, confidential advisors who can help you find solutions to the important issues that you face.  We act as a knowledgeable third party with experience in multiple industries and disciplines who can help you clarify ideas, set goals, and hold you accountable to the action plans that you develop. 

The net result is a more efficient, more effective, more enjoyable, and more profitable business.