Our Approach

It's a fact of life: People are generally uncomfortable with change. Despite the thrill and excitement that often accompanies something new, the unfamiliar makes us nervous.

Despite all the planning and good intentions that they might have, when faced with a new situation people will often revert to old patterns of thinking and acting. Whether starting a new business and having to change the mindsets and actions of employees coming from previous employers or implementing a major change in an existing business, dealing with change is just plain difficult. It takes a focused effort, supported by leaders, processes, and professionals able to help guide the change, for a meaningful and sustainable change to take place.

At Banner Consulting & Coaching International we know that in today's rapidly changing environment firms don't have the luxury of long-term experimentation. They can't afford to keep trying to "get change right" because by the time they do get it right their whole industry will probably be different. What they need is to develop organizations that are nimble, flexible, and poised for change at a moment's notice.

We know that this is difficult, and that traditional solutions are becoming less effective for enabling high-performing, committed employees in this fast changing arena. Yet this kind of change capability is crucial to success in the "new economy". In the end -when the strategy, financing, processes, and technology are right -it is having the right people with the right motivation, commitment, and skills that will make a business a success.

We also understand the commitments required for change, and that these commitments are not undertaken lightly. We understand that it is outcomes that count.

We know, for example, that...

Firms don't want new customer service departments,
  they want a new level of customer service

Firms don't want new compensation systems,
  they want more skilled employees and lower turnover

Firms don't want multifunction work teams,
  they want products that are engineered to their customers' needs

Firms don't want new human resource management tools,
  they want people who will get business results.

Our work focuses on one thing: Helping our clients create superior business results by following a well-thought-out business strategy implemented aggressively by the people in the organization. As Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, said:

"Any company that's going to make it [in the new millennium] has got to find a way to engage the mind of every single employee. If you are not thinking all the time about making every person more valuable, you don't have a chance."

We believe that every company does have a chance. Success in today's economy requires innovation, focus, leadership, commitment, and managing its human capital just as carefully as it manages its other types of capital.

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