Consulting Services:


Whether you are developing operations abroad, marketing to foreign customers, or expanding your internet strategy to become a global presence you should be aware of two things: People around the world are the same... and they're different.

To effectively deal in the international marketplace you have to be prepared to understand the differences and adjust your style, management practices, employment practices, and expectations to respond to a wide variety of national and cultural practices.

At Banner Consulting & Coaching International we are used to dealing with the people side of international business. With experience working for more than twenty-five years in countries throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe, we are able to bring a level of expertise that will help you feel not quite so "foreign" as you develop your business.

Among the areas in which we can assist firms developing internationally are:

  • Strategy development for international expansion
  • Strategy development for overseas divisions or branches
  • Developing an organization culture to both support your strategy and respond to the needs of foreign workers and markets
  • Developing multi-cultural management teams
  • Adapting management and business practices to foreign environments

At Banner Consulting & Coaching International, "international" is not just part of the name... it's part of what we are.

And it's part of what we can help you become